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Happy Semi-Final One Day!

Vision editor Hass Yusuf reports.

Happy Semi-Final One Day!

Let’s remind ourselves of tonight’s show. Here’s the running order.

ALBANIA Ronela Hajati Sekret

Well you couldn’t ask for a more ‘in your face’ start for this year’s Eurovision! The performance is loud and brash, with Ronela making a woman empowerment statement – surrounded by hunky men. Highlights include high kicks, hair swinging and ethnic tones – and more all thrown in. Things can only calm down now. 

LATVIA Citi Zeni Eat Your Salad

Ah, Eurovision. A nice display for your fruit bowl, though some of the vocals weren’t ripe enough yet. But who cares when you can join in the fun. And this is all bright and fun with an eco-message. Apparently green is sexy and cool – as a cucumber. Where’s that body spray?


LITHUANIA Monika Liu Sentimental

Here’s something much calmer from their neighbor now.

There’s a lovely moody jazzy night-club feel to the whole performance. It’s all very understated with Monika just standing there and singing – and that’s all that is needed. Very impressive.


SWITZERLAND Marius Bear Boys Do Cry

Here’s another understated performance – a really emotional performance by Marius with lots of angst and rather sad lyrics (that could’ve been written by Morrissey), but life is full of ups and downs. The sadness is also well expressed by the lighting effects.



Jazz wasn’t the main genre in those old disco-days, but this is still a very energetic and bright performance. The big

glitter ball is a nice touch. And all those bright lights add up to a fun act – LPS could definitely give you a good night out.


UKRAINE Kalush Orchestra Stefania

Ah, yes  – the probable winners?  But despite the war or sympathy vote, this is a impressive number. Rap may not be to everyone’s taste, but the meshing of that genre with traditional Ukrainian folk seems to work and is very memorable. The band all wear impressive outfits – and that flute looks like it could do a lot of damage!


BULGARIA Intelligent Music Project Intention

Time now for a bit of rock!  It’s all hair and tattoos! There’s a nice tune here that you toe-tap to. Add in electric guitars, pyrotechnics, fire and flashing lights and it’ll get you in the right mood. Clichés – yes, but it all works.


This is a very class act. S10 produces a lovely harmony, with this very haunting song that tackles sadness and isolation.  You can definitely feel her emotions. The staging is very simple – the spotlights are used to good effect.

MOLDOVA Zdob si Zdub & Fratii Advahov Trenuletul

Back to another bright and colourful song now. Lots of energy and colour here with lovely ethic sounds. They really seem to be having a lot of fun – and so are we. Trying to keep up with might be exhausting! It’s always good to see the old accordion on stage.

PORTUGAL MARO Saudade, Saudade

Portugal is now an expert of giving us something masterful.

MARO produces a really dreamy performance – just close your eyes and melt away into the sad story of the song. Great harmonies. Wonderful.

CROATIA Mia Dimsic Guilty Pleasures

This is just a simple folk-pop song with a lovely beat. Mia plays her guitar on stage with her dancers playing a big part in telling the story – it’s all very affective.  It’s a simple intelligent song.


REDDI certainly give us a show – two songs for the price of one! It starts off a ballad and turns into rock – and it all works.  The all-girl band produce a fab tune that’s well performed with lots of energy and bright lights. It all gets you in the right mood to have a fab time!

AUSTRIA LUM!X feat. Pia Maria Halo

This is electronic dance music at its best!  The pair perform their song enclosed in their own giant electronic halo – a circle of light. The act comes at you at super-speed! Worn out? Yes – but it was worth it!

ICELAND Systur Meo Haekkandi Sol

This is an unusual song – seemingly a homage to cowboy movies this Country-style entry actually explains the emergence of spring from dark winters. The sisters produce a lovely song with harmonic sounds – the electric guitars give the act a haunting atmosphere.

GREECE Amanda Georgiadi Tenfjord Die Together

This is bit of a sad ballad, but a great performance by the Greek/Norwegian singer. It’s an understated act, with Amanda sitting all alone among a sea of broken chairs.  The song is an emotional roller-coaster telling a story of love existing after death. Love never dies, eh?

NORWAY Subwoolfer Give That Wolf A Banana

Does anyone really care who they really are? Some mysteries should never be solved – it makes life more fun – and all that matters is that this is a fun act with a decent song, which it is. It’s always interesting to think outside of the box. Eat a banana to get you in the mood for this unique act…

ARMENIA Rosa Linn Snap

From the look of things watching this performance is better online as the action takes place in a ‘bedroom pod’ with a big reveal near the end. It’s all really nicely done and very original. It also helps that this is a great song beautifully performed by Rosa. The bedroom is the perfect setting for a story about breaking up on June 22 with a lot of longing , but having to snap out of it! A perfect way to end Semi-Final One.

So, just ten of these great acts will go through to Saturday’s Grand Final. Hope your favourites are successful.


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