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Today in Turin

Vision editor Hass Yusuf reports.

Today we had the second rehearsals for the Big Five.

FRANCE Alvan & Ahez: Fulenn

A bit of a manic performance, but in a good way! Though the hectic camera work and snap editing may detract from this excellent performance. The act itself has a nice eerie feel to it – all a bit mystic with a green and smoky backdrop along with fire. All very impressive. You get a sense of a real show here that will be difficult to forget when it comes to voting time.

ITALY Mahmood & Blanco: Brividi
Time for the host country. Many think Italy could do the double. It’s a simple performance – Mahmood is dress in black and Blanco in white – and they’re joined on stage by a piano player.  The chaps basically sing at each other, walk away from each other – it’s all very angst, but effective enough. You need something down to earth for this sort of song – and it works.

UNITED KINGDOM Sam Ryder: Space Man

Well this is more like it UK! Luckily Sam isn’t in a space suit, but is dressed more like a London Pearly King in his glittery outfit!  He performs on a small round platform within a space-pod structure.  Hopefully the final cut won’t show the stage hands opening up the pod during the performance Not sure having Sam play his guitar works that well – it just looks a bit odd – but his voice and appearance will grab everyone’s attention.  Overall Sam really does give a great performance! Hurrah!

SPAIN Chanel: SloMo

And talking about Pearly Kings and Queens, Chanel looks like a sexy Pearly Queen here (though a matador in this case). Quite honestly if you were an MP watching this in the House of Commons, you might have to resign! It is quite sex-charged with lots of bums, thighs and chests – all tastefully done of course. Does anyone actually care about the song? SloMo?  There’s nothing slow about this show… in fact you may need to turn up the air-conditioner! Phew!


GERMANY: Malkl Harris: Rockstars

A very nice performance from Malik  – quite understated. He starts off playing a piano, walks around toying with other instruments and eventually settles to playing his guitar.  The performance works well because Malik is able to convey the story of the song excellently through his emotional vocals. Will it stand out on the night? It’s a bit difficult to say, but you can’t fault the song or performance.


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