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Tel Aviv Blog: Day 12, Wednesday May 15th

Hass Yusuf reporting in the early hours on behalf of OGAE UK.

So, the first semi-final is all done and dusted! Congrats to the lucky ten (in order of announcement):

Greece Katerine Duska, Better Love
Belarus ZENA Like It
Serbia Nevena Bozovic, Kruna
Cyprus Tamta, Replay
Estonia Victor Crone, Storm
Czech Republic Lake Malawi, Friend Of A Friend
Australia Kate Miller-Heidke, Zero Gravity
Iceland Hatari, Hatrio Man Sigra
San Marino Serhat, Say Na Na Na
Slovenia Zala Kralj & Gasper Santi, Sebi

A few surprises on the night – the popular act from Belgium failed to get through – and for a first time in a while, Hungary. I thought the wacky act from Portugal might have amused enough viewers to vote for it.

On a more personal level, I am delighted to see San Marino in the Grand Final, despite the ropey voice – and made more remarkable that at least one country probably didn’t vote for him because of his background.

In the arena Australia got by far the loudest and longest cheer – it did look magical! The smart money is on it to win – but let’s see what the results of Semi-Final 2 offers up first.

But bad luck to:

So, in what half of the Grand Final will the ten finalists perform in? The clue is in the following photos by Andres Putting

Cyprus: First half
San Marino: First half
Slovenia: First half
Serbia: Second half
Iceland: Second half
Greece: First half
Estonia: Second half
Czech Republic: First half
Belarus: Second half
Australia: Second half

Later today we have the first dress rehearsal and Jury Final for Semi-Final 2. The heat is on! Who is daring to dream…?


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  1. Interesting Semi Final – i predicted 8 out of 10 – Belgium and Finland were on my list whilst Belarus and Slovenia were not
    i enjoyed the Contest on TV – Stage looked amazing
    Australia’s staging was magical and lifted an average song
    Serbia had best vocal of the night in my opinion
    Thanks for your update
    Enjoy the rest of the week in Tel Aviv

  2. David nicholl on

    Thoroughly enjoyed the semi final. I had 8/10 — I had a guilty liking for Montenegro although I was
    Fairly sure they wouldn’t get through. I also had Finland on my list.

    Enjoy the rest of your time there and look forward to the next blog!