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Tel Aviv Blog: Day 11, Tuesday May 14th

Happy Semi-Final 1 Day everyone!

Shalom from Tel Aviv. This is Hass Yusuf reporting on behalf of your OGAE UK team – we’re here in full force – Alasdair Rendall, Simon Bennett, Danny Lynch, along with Robin Scott. Even our webmaster Sagi Chaitas is here.
DISCLAIMER: Typos and such are bound to happen as we write along, so just go with the flow. All opinions are of course personal and not necessarily those of OGAE UK.

Tel Aviv is now bursting with Euro-fans galore! Everywhere you look, there they are! Such frantic expressions of joy! The beach is hot and the Euro Village is up!

And we have many Brits spreading the love. Those who were lucky to get tickets in the ballot also got an invite to attend a reception at the UK’s Ambassador to Israel residence. Much fun was had with food and drink galore – as well as drag acts and Michael Rice performing.

Before that we had the first dress rehearsal for Semi-Final 1, and later in the evening the Jury Final was held – where the juries along with Israel, France and Spain voted! They have 50% of the total vote, with the public from the 20 countries making up the rest of the votes.

A total 17 countries compete in this semi, and only ten can go through to the Grand Final. Can the public vote overturn the decisions made by the juries? Let’s hope so – who wants a predictable show?

Have you predicted your winners yet? Here they are again to remind you (in running order), along with a few observations…

CYPRUS: Replay Tamta is all…! Who could ask for a better start?
MONTENEGRO: Heaven D mol look quite sweet, but the act still seems a bit all over the place.
FINLAND: Look Away Darude feat. Sebastian Rejman seem to lack that sparkle even though the DJ is probably the show’s biggest star.
POLAND: Fire Of Love (Pali Sie) Will Tulia’s unusual sound confuse or wow the viewers?
SLOVENIA: Sebi Can the viewers relate to the young angst by the moody Zala & Gasper?
CZECH REPUBLIC: Friend Of A Friend Lake Malawi bring a lot of energy to the show.
HUNGARY: Az En Apam Joci’s act is full of emotion and vulnerability.
BELARUS: Like It Is ZENA’s sexy look a bit too ‘awkward’ for a 16-year old?
SERBIA: Kruna Nevena’s gothic look and singing makes it all very loud and clear!
BELGIUM: Wake Up Eliot doesn’t do much but stand there, raise an arm and sing. Still sounds great though.
GEORGIA: Keep On Going Oto gives it his all in this passionate song.
AUSTRALIA: Zero Gravity What a spooky but magnificent performance from Kate!
ICELAND: Hatrio Mun Sigra Hatari hits the right spots – hopefully the bruises won’t last long…
ESTONIA: Storm Victor whips it up! Will he blow Europe away?
PORTUGAL: Telemoveis Conan is an art-form. Such madness belongs in Eurovision!
GREECE: Better Love Katerine dazzles in technicolour.
SAN MARINO: Say Na Na Na Despite its magnificence, the juries will say no, no, no to Serhat. 🙁

So, there you have it. A few personal polls suggest that Cyprus, Belgium, Australia, Iceland, and Greece will all definitely go through. But what about the other five? There are usually a few surprises. Maybe the public will react positively to the strangeness of Portugal or the retro chic of San Marino – hope so!

Enjoy the show!


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  1. Not long to go till Semi Final 1
    thanks for the update and your view on possible finalists to be selected tonight
    We shall see what unfolds thanks to the excitement of the public and jury voting
    Enjoy the sunshine in Tel Aviv – pleased to say we can look forward to 23 degrees in the UK
    Have a great time and thanks to the team for the photos and commentary