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Tel Aviv Blog: Day 10, Monday May 13th

Shalom. shalom from Tel Aviv. This is your OGAE UK team reporting ‘live’ from the press centre at the Expo Tel Aviv. Hass Yusuf is reporting, along with Danny Lynch, Robin Scott and we’re now joined by Alasdair Rendall.
DISCLAIMER: Typos and such are bound to happen as we write along, so just go with the flow. All opinions are of course personal and not necessarily those of OGAE UK.

Things are hotting up and getting serious now! Today we have the first dress rehearsals for Semi-Final 1, which will give us an idea as to who we think will be going forward to the Grand Final.

But before all that, here are a few links to interviews you may have missed.

Danny Lynch interviews Greece’s Katerine Duska
Hass Yusuf takes you on a tour of the Tel Aviv Press Centre
Robin Scott interviews Italy’s Mahmood at the :London Eurovision Party

Tonight, UK fans have been invited for a reception at the UK’s Ambassador’s residence for a party. Michael Rice will be there performing no doubt, among other treats.

But before all that, last night it was the orange carpet treatment for all our performers. Here are a few images. Photos are by Andres Putting.

No expense spared! Here they come!
It’s Michael and the gang!
Luca from Switzerland is having fun!
Sweden’s John Lundvik and his wonderful vocalists
Slovenia’s Zala and Gasper are hard to separate!
And hello to you, Nevena from Serbia
It’s that cool Turkish dude, Serhat, and his team representing San Marino
It can only be Conan and pal from Portugal!
D mol from Montenegro look happy
Sarah and her team from Ireland – now that’s the way to pose! You show ’em girl!
Not everyone can get away with that outfit, but France’s Bilal can!
Behind the Czech Republic flag we have Lake Malawi
Australia’s Kate could soon be floating on air
Albania’s Jonida knows her audience…
Austria’s PAENDA asks what’s it all about!
Miki from Spain (and his team) is static for once!
Sergey from Russia leads his team to Victory…?
Ester of Romania and her team wave those flags!
A bold statement from Poland’s Tulia
Moldova’s Anna and her sand mistress
Malta’s Michela tries to blend in…
Lithuania’s Jurij is all set to roar!
Italy’s Mahmood still looking serious…
No one could look lovelier than Greece’s Katerine
Georgia’s Oto and his vocalists still keep on going
Estonia’s Victor is looking to brew up a storm
It’s selfie time for Denmark’s Leonora
Back on firm ground is Croatia’s Roko
Eliot from Belgium tries to look cool (he’s young)
Well who doesn’t like ZENA and her team from Belarus?
And walking out in style we have Srbuk and her team from Armenia

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  1. Thanks for today’s updates – love the video clip of the Press Area with the Benny Hill theme music
    The videos add a great deal – Well done

  2. Thank you Jeff – we are trying to up the ante this year (and have more fun). We’re planning to get more involved in social media stuff. All suggestions welcomed!