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Lisbon Blog: Days 12 &13, Thursday 10-Friday 11 May

Reporting for OGAE UK and Vision magazine we have Hass Yusuf (words), David Ransted (photos), and along with Robin Scott who’s helping us out, especially with any videoing. This blog will be updated throughout the day.

So, what a semi-final that was! Semi-Final 2 gave us a few shocks and surprises, but congratulations to:

NORWAY! Well done Alexander!

SERBIA! Well done Sanja Ilic & Balkanika

DENMARK! Well done Rasmussen

MOLDOVA: Well done DeReDos!

NETHERLANDS! Well done Waylon!

AUSTRALIA! Well done Jessica!

HUNGARY! Well done AWS!

SWEDEN! Well done Benjamin!

SLOVENIA! Well done Lea!

UKRAINE! Well done Melovin!

So, this semi-final surprised many! Joining Azerbaijan, Russia and Romania for the first time have failed to qualify to a Grand Final. That only leaves Ukraine and newbies Australia!

RUNNING ORDER! Here’s a rundown of the 26 finalists in two minutes:

This is the Grand Final running order:

01. Ukraine
02. Spain
03. Slovenia
04. Lithuania
05. Austria
06. Estonia
07. Norway
08. Portugal
Commercial break
09. United Kingdom
10. Serbia
11. Germany
12. Albania
13. France
14. Czech Republic
15. Denmark
16. Australia
Commercial break
17. Finland
18. Bulgaria
19. Moldova
20. Sweden
21. Hungary
22. Israel
23. Netherlands
24. Ireland
25. Cyprus
26. Italy

The UK are in a decent position, but hopefully the commercial break before won’t harm our chances of a decent result.

It’s the first dress rehearsal this afternoon and the Jury Final this evening! Good luck to everyone!


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