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Lisbon Blog: Days 6 & 7, Friday 4 – Saturday 5 May

Reporting for OGAE UK and Vision magazine we have Hass Yusuf (words), David Ransted (photos), and along with Robin Scott who’s helping us out, especially with any videoing. This blog will be updated throughout the day.

Normal service is resumed! Apologies for lack of service yesterday, but rushing between Lisbon and London does somewhat get in the way. So back in Eurovision land where things are getting serious. Today is the second run of rehearsals for acts from both the semi-finals. They’re rehearsal time is short now, but they still have three-four run-throughs to perfect things.

David Ranstead and Robin Scott are both near the stage recording all the activities.

Just watched the Moldovan act – what great fun! It should do well.

So anyway, time to catch up on things.

Let’s start with some of David’s images from yesterday’s rehearsals.

It’s the hatted sister from ZiBBZ representing Switzerland

They’re not aliens, they’re The Humans from Romania

We can’t get rid of him so let’s appreciate Alexander Rybak from Norway

A passionate but gentle sound from Lithuania’s Ieva Zasimauskaita (you try repeating that)

Netta from Israel is having a lot of fun!

Ireland’s Ryan O’Shaughnessy performs his gentle love song

Cool stuff Iceland’s Ari Olafsson

Such drama from Greece’s Yianna Terzi

Eyes front please for Eye Cue from Macedonia

She’s not monster, she’s Saara Aalto from Finland

Take a deep breath with Elina Nechayeva representing Estonia

Let’s hope Mikolas Josef from the Czech Republic isn’t lying to us!

Take a cold shower after watching Eleni Foureira representing Aphrodite’s island, Cyprus!

Things are getting crazy for Croatia’s Franka

Earthly sounds from EQUINOX representing Bulgaria

It’s time for Sennek from Belgium

ALEKSEEV from Belarus likes to sing forever

It’s that heart-throb Aisel from Azerbaijan

All hail Cesar Sampson from Austria

Armenia’s Sevak Khanagyan is fighting against the wind

It’s that yearning gent, Eugent Bushpepa, from Albania

I thought I would take a peek at the stage in the arena. It looks quite impressive looking at it as a whole. There are two little bridges either side with the lights structure in the shape of a wave, and stage encloses a moss pit for those fans who like to see things up close.

I’m told that the ‘green room’ is bigger than the stage itself. But the seats are rather close – those performers will be falling all over each other once every act has finished! The arena is of the usual size that we’ve gotten used to – just a decent sized sports stadium.

I saw Hungary’s AWS perform on stage – talk about head-banging. Some would call it loud noise – I call it an art form! You wouldn’t really expect an act like this to go through to the Grand Final, but luckily Eurovision viewers are beginning to accept genres rather than ballads and pop. Anyway, this is really hot stuff – especially with all the pyro effects at the end of the performers. The lead singer must have a few singed hairs!

The Latvian rehearsal went well, but Laura Rizzotto did lose her notes at the last take. This is a total contrast to the act before giving viewers loads of scope.

I thought I would stick around for the Swedish rehearsal as well – I wanted to see the special tube lights that they bough along. And they work really well – but they took a while to construct.

Slovenia still keep on happening ‘technical’ faults – let’s see how it all works out on the night…

Back tomorrow with the second rehearsals for Portugal and the Big Five.


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