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Ticket sale news

OGAE UK has received communication from the OGAE International Bureau, who have been informed tonight that, regrettably, there will be no special ticketing arrangements for OGAE UK members, and you are advised to try in the public sale which gets underway tomorrow evening.

This is obviously hugely disappointing, as the international OGAE network has had regular discussions with the EBU (who have been very supportive) and the host broadcaster, and we were seemingly on track for an OGAE pre-sale. In fact data about ticket requests from each club was formally submitted today at the request of the agent and host broadcaster, so to have this news come just a few hours later is a huge shock and disappointment.

In further disappointing news, we have received confirmation that there will be no “F2”-style accreditations, and OGAE members will not have access to Euroclub (which we understand will be a small and not necessarily Eurovision-themed venue).

Please understand that we had been hoping right up to this afternoon to have a great ticketing arrangement for fans. All of us on the OGAE UK Committee (who, let us make clear, will try in the public sale like everyone else) would like to thank the OGAE International Bureau for all their strenuous events, which have included visits to Kyiv.





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