Stockholm Blog, Day 13, Saturday 14th May


Vision magazine editor Hass Yusuf and assistant editor David Ransted report from Stockholm.

Happy Eurovision day everyone!

Not much to report today – it’s the last day to enjoy Stockholm without having to spend in the basement press centre.

Just a few final words on Joe & Jake. At yesterday’s press conference the Head of Delegation said how proud they were of the lads, while the Head of Press said they were very pleased with the whole selection process – some of the contestants on Eurovision: You Decide have gone on to get record deals.

Joe & Jake said they were saving themselves for the big night. They wanted to thank everyone for the great they’re had – and want to continue as a duo.

Overall it’s been a great experience here in Stockholm, with David and myself agreeing that is going to be a vintage year.

Enjoy the show!

Will be back with the winner in the early hours of Sunday morning!


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