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Stockholm blog, Day 9, Tuesday 10th May


Vision magazine editor Hass Yusuf and assistant editor David Ransted are reporting from Stockholm.

Happy Semi-Final One day everyone! Not much to report today. It’s a day off for us as we finally get to see his fab city! We’ve been stuck in a basement press hall for a week!

We watched the Jury Final at the press centre last night. What a great show – and it’s going to be so difficult to predict who will go through to the Grand Final.

Here are the opinion of a few of us. The are not our favourite songs, but the ones that we think will go through:

David Ransted: Greece, Hungary,Netherlands, Armenia, Russia, Cyprus, Austria, Azerbaijan, Iceland, Bosnia

Robin Scott: Finland, Hungary, Netherlands, Armenia, Russia, Cyprus, Austria, Estonia, Iceland, Malta

David Elder: Hungary, Netherlands, Armenia, Russia Czech Republic, Cyprus, Austria, Azerbaijan, Iceland, Malta

Hass Yusuf:  Greece, Hungary, Netherlands, Armenia, San Marino, Russia, Cyprus, Austria, Azerbaijan, Iceland

All four of us have voted for: Hungary, Netherlands, Armenia, Russia, Cyprus, Austria, and Iceland. So obviously those seven are going through! 🙂 But it’s nice to be surprised. I would love Croatia to qualify. San Marino is my guilty pleasure  – it probably has no chance, but you never know!

Good luck with your choices and hopefully your favourites will go through. I’ve been disappointed so many times in the past where my favourite song has failed to get through the Grand Final. Grrrr…

Back to last night: Accredited British press were invited to the British Ambassador’s residence for a reception. It was a nice short affair with Joe & Jake performing and mingling with the crowd.





Joe & Jake with their favourite fan, Hass Yusuf...

Joe & Jake with their favourite fan, Hass Yusuf…

This afternoon a bunch of us headed to the Australia Fan Event, where Dami Im sang a few of her songs.

Dami in good voice

Dami in good voice

Back tomorrow with the analysis of the results.

Let’s leave you with one of the unsung heroes of Eurovision – the backing singer/dancer. This young lady assists the band from Montenegro. Photo by David Ransted.



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