Eurovision You Decide: Meet the Artists pt 2


We catch up with the singers behind Sweet Lies – Kerrie-Anne and Anisa


Let’s get the question out of the way. How does your version of Sweet Lies differ from Anisa’s?

Well my version is completely different – it’s not a ballad. I love my version My Sweet Lies because, I think, it’s got elements of the 1990s in it – but it still has a funky modern feel to it. I think it’s quite current.

It definitely has a good Eurovision-style hook to it. You’re probably one of the more experienced performers in the contest. You’ve worked in musical theatre – can you tell us a bit more of about your career?

Well I’ve performed all around the world, in weddings, clubs, and galas – loads of stuff.

So you’ve been perfectling your art the hard way! You also spent time in Dubai?

Yes, I was there for five years!

If you make it to Tel Aviv, it will all be about rehearse, rehearse, rehearse. Are you preparing for that? And with Eurovision it’s winner take all. Mentally it must be difficult to accept that you might not win – though we hope you do!

You know what – I take each moment as it comes. But I’m prepared for it. I’m always working on my vocals. I also physically work out to stay in top form. I literally take it as it comes – I never cloud my thoughts with ‘what ifs’ or things that may or may not transpire.

Great attitude to take. OGAE UK will be with you all the way in Tel Aviv. Good luck!


You’re already a successful songwriter, aren’t you?

Yes, but I can never separate my singing from my songwriting. I don’t know what I prefer.

You didn’t actually write Sweet Lies – but as a songwriter can you still relate to the lyrics and meaning of the song?

Oh yeah – I read the lyrics and really connected with them. I could tell it was about failed relationships and I could identify with that. I relate it to my outlook at life – in the music industry you have to expect the highs and lows.

Lots of personal experience then?

Oh yes – there are times when you have no money at all, but that’s part of life.

You’ve been asked this a million times – but how you feel Kellie-Anne’s version of Sweet Lies? They actually sound very different from each other, which is obviously a good thing.

I’ve been told that my and Kellie-Anne’s are thought to be the most different from each other, compared to the other two songs, which I think is great as it gives the public more of a choice. It they were both ballads it wouldn’t really work.

Yes, the feel of six different songs. What has been your past Eurovision experience?

I’ve watched it as a kid. For me it was always walking into the room with your family to sit down and watch the show – it just brings people together.

Obviously you’re aware that the UK hasn’t done that well in Eurovision in recent years. Feeling the pressure?

Anisa: You know we’ve won it five times –

and come second 15 times! –

– so you see we’re already in the record books! I shall just do my best.

Well good luck – and OGAE UK will be with you in Tel Aviv helping in any way we can to promote you and the song

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