AGM and Ticket Draw Update


A reminder that our AGM takes place this Saturday 18th November at 5pm at the Morpeth Arms, Millbank, London.

Following  the AGM there will be a FREE BUFFET and a Eurodisco. The AGM will also be used for the draw of the ticket ballot for Eurovision 2018.

Details of draw

Please be aware that the ballot application process has CLOSED, and no further members may be added to the list.

Due to the large demand for tickets for 2018, in which almost 650 members have expressed an interest , the Committee decided that the draw this year will be decided electronically using a random generator. This decision is due to the time factor, as otherwise a manually drawn ballot will take over three hours, and this is not a good usage of time at our AGM where we have limited time capacity.

Each member has been placed into one of two ballots. Ballot 1 is for members who joined before 1 June, Ballot 2 is for those who joined on or after that date. Each ballot number has 2 members – if you applied as a pair then you will both have the same number, and those who applied alone will be automatically paired up with the next single person in your ballot. For each ballot, this list will be entered into an online random generator and then randomised. This list using membership numbers ONLY will then be available on both the random generator website for viewing (the link will be given) and on OGAE UK’s website. Names will not be made available in the public domain for data protection purposes.

The full list including names will be sent via email as soon as possible, aiming for within 48 hours of the ballot taking place.

There are some people who have applied who are ineligible for the ballot, and they will be contacted separately.

if you don’t know your membership number, we would ask you to wait until the full list with names is emailed to you as our Ticket Coordinator will have limited email access from Friday to Sunday due to travelling and the AGM, otherwise send an email to our ticket coordinator Danny on and he will endeavour to get back to you as soon as possible.



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