OGAE Video Contest – who will represent the UK?


As you may know, OGAE UK is this year hosting the OGAE Video Contest after winning the 2016 contest. Let’s try and pick a winner and do the double!

It’s time now to nominate potential entries to represent the UK – so who would YOU like to see represent the UK?

Nominations must be in by the end of August – please send your nominations to president@ogae.uk

Here are the rules:

  • The submitted music video can be in any language (not necessarily the national language of the country).
  • The music from the video must be released for the first time in the year of the contest or the previous year.
  • The performer (or one of a group) must be a national of the country he/she represents.
  • The entry should be the video of the song (not an excerpt or a concert-video).
  • The video should not exceed 5 minutes.
  • The song cannot be selected if it has featured in the Eurovision Song Contest, OGAE Song Contest, Second Chance Contest or the last OGAE Video Contest.

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