OGAE UK speak to Joe & Jake


OGAE UK were delighted to catch up with the UK’s representatives for Eurovision 2016 – Joe & Jake – during the Eurovision in Concert weekend in Amsterdam.

The boys spoke of the whirlwind journey they’ve been on since they won the public vote in Eurovision You Decide back in February with “You’re Not Alone”.

“It was such an incredible feeling when Mel said our name. It’s been non-stop, we’d have been gutted if we hadn’t have won it. We were thrilled, proud, grateful and there was just so much relief”, said Stoke native Jake Shakeshaft.

Joe Woolford from north Wales, added: “We’re so honoured to be representing the UK, we’re so thankful to the public for voting us through and we  just want to make everyone proud”.

The boys met when they were participants in The Voice, an experience Joe described as being very different to their Eurovision experience so far.

“The chance to represent the UK is huge, whereas on The Voice you’re representing yourself.

And their message to OGAE UK fans?

“Thank you so much for getting behind us and putting us in this position. We’re so grateful and we hope that we do you all proud.”


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