Membership cards

OGAE UK does NOT issue its own membership cards.

You will be allocated a membership number when you join and this will be shown on the address label when you receive Vision magazine as well as on any renewal notification form you receive.

As a member of OGAE UK you are eligible to apply for a membership card issued by our umbrella organisation OGAE International. This is the umbrella organisation that brings together all the various OGAE national clubs across the world.

Cards are produced centrally for all clubs, and there are only a limited number of production runs each year. The card production schedule is not controlled by OGAE UK but for any members who submit the required photograph by 31 December, we aim to distribute their card by May the following year.

It is very important that members submit photos that comply with the card producer's requirements. They should meet the following criteria:

  • Photos must be in jpg format
  • Photo files should be named jpg
  • Photos should be passport style, ie. face-on, head and shoulders only, no hats, sunglasses etc.
  • Photos should be at least 300 dpi, 320x238 pixels

We cannot accept physical photographs. We reserve the right to reject photos which do not meet the required criteria.

Please note that an OGAE International membership card is a REQUIREMENT for access to any ESC tickets available through OGAE and for any merchandise discounts offered to OGAE. In order to participate in the any OGAE UK ESC ticketing process, members must have at least submitted the required photo.

The production and distribution of OGAEI membership cards represents a considerable administrative effort and expense for OGAE UK, and so we must levy a charge of £3.

Photos should be sent to

If you wish to apply for a card, please use this button to pay via PayPal: