OGAE UK Terms and conditions

  1. Membership of OGAE UK is by subscription to Vision – the OGAE UK Magazine that is issued four times a year at approximately three month intervals.
  2. The annual subscription period runs from 1st November to 31st October inclusive (other special arrangements may apply for members who join mid-year).
  3. Those members requesting an INDIVIDUAL SUBSCRIPTION will each receive one copy of Vision – the OGAE UK Magazine (four per 12 month period).
  4. Those members requesting a JOINT SUBSCRIPTION will receive one copy of Vision – the OGAE UK Magazine (four per 12 month period).
  5. Joint members must reside at the same address and provide proof of residency upon request.
  6. Cheques and Postal Orders are sent at the risk of the sender and OGAE UK will not be held responsible for any loss.
  7. Continuous membership of OGAE UK allows each individual member the chance to apply for the annual ballot providing the possible opportunity to purchase Eurovision tickets.
  8. Membership of OGAE UK DOES NOT guarantee that tickets will be offered.