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Despite the fact that we have not yet heard if any special OGAE tickets will be made available for Liverpool 2023, in accordance with our recent emails, we will be opening applications for the OGAE UK ESC23 ticket ballot on 4 November. The application window will be open until 23:59 on Sunday 4 December.

As previously communicated, members are not automatically entered in the ballots and each individual member must apply separately. Successful applicants will be offered the opportunity to buy one ticket/ticket package for their own use.

When applying for the ballot, members must acknowledge that they have read and accepted the OGAE UK ESC23 ticket ballot terms and conditions set out below. As previously announced, there will be three separate ballots as follows:

Ballot 1

The primary ballot is for members who joined before 31 October 2021 and who have maintained their membership since then. Members qualifying for this ballot will generally have membership numbers between 1001 and 4915. 75% of any tickets allocated to OGAE UK will be reserved for this ballot

Ballot 2

The secondary ballot is for members who joined between 1 November 2021 and 30 August 2022. Members qualifying for this ballot will generally have membership numbers between 4916 and 7904. 25% of any tickets allocated to OGAE UK will be reserved for this ballot

Ballot 3

The third is for members who joined between 1 September 2022 and 31 October 2022. Members qualifying for this ballot will generally have membership numbers greater than 7905. No tickets are reserved for this ballot but any tickets available after the first two ballots will be made available to the members in ballot 3

Below you will find guidance notes setting out how the ballot system is likely to work. Some details have not yet been finalised as we are awaiting information from the organisers. After the guidance notes you will find this year’s ballot terms and conditions.



Once ballot applications open on 4 November 2022, please log on to You will need to select “Your Membership” and then under the Option section “My Details” select the “View or Edit” button. Once you pull up all your details, at the bottom of the screen you will see an “Edit” button, push this and you will then see a field relating to the ballot. In order to join the ballot please tick the box entitled “ESC23 OGAEUK Ticket Ballot”. By doing so you acknowledge that you have read and accept the ballot terms and conditions (see below). Please remember to hit “save” at the bottom of the screen. Please note that all members must apply separately by ticking the relevant box. Joint members must log on and join the ballot separately. You will then be asked to provide your OGAE International card number. This is NOT your OGAE UK membership number but the number that can be found across the centre of your membership card on Cardskipper. It is in the format XXX-NN-NNNN. Do not leave this field blank or put in anything other than your card number. If you do not have a membership card, please complete this FORM or contact You will have to wait until your query is resolved and you have a card number before you can enter the ballot. We do not issue cards for children under 16 years of age. If you are entering any under 16s in the ballot then please put UNDER 16 in the card number field. Please note that if you do not enter an accurate UK card number your application will be rejected. Similarly, your card must be a UK one and not one issued on behalf of any other OGAE national club. The ballot entry field is set to “no” by default. By ticking the box you change that to “yes”. We do not issue emails confirming that you have entered the ballot, but you can log on at any time and check that your application has been saved, when the summary page will read “ESC23 OGAE UK Ticket Ballot: yes”.



Once the ballot application window closes at 23:59 on 4 December 2022 no further applications will be accepted. We will then check and verify the information provided and will allocate each applicant a ballot number. These are the numbers that will be drawn during the actual ballot process. We will provide all applicants with details of which ballot they have qualified for along with their ballot number. This may be done on Membermojo, the exact communication method will be determined in due course. Members will have an opportunity to appeal if they feel they have been placed in the incorrect ballot.



Once your ballot application has been confirmed, you will be able to nominate a second member with whom to be paired. This is unlikely to happen before the new year. For administrative reasons, this is slightly different to the process in previous years and has caused some confusion, but the effect will be the same. Each ballot applicant will be able to nominate a companion PROVIDED that the selected individual has also applied and qualifies for the same ballot. Applicants will be asked to log on to Membermojo again in the same way as when they initially applied, and to provide the name and membership number of their preferred companion in the fields that will be made available. Members should discuss with their friends and partners ahead of time to ensure that they have actually applied and to exchange membership numbers. Joint members or friends wishing to nominate a companion must ensure that they both nominate each other. Applicants are not obliged to nominate a companion. If an applicant is lucky enough to qualify for a ticket, their preferred companion will also qualify regardless of their position in the ballot.



We cannot be too specific about how things will work at this stage as we have no information what kind of tickets may be made available to us in the past we have been offered packages made up of either 3 or 6 show tickets. Various permutations may be available based on the configuration of the arena. In Turin, for example, we were offered packages for the live shows in 4 separate price brackets and packages for the jury shows in 2 price brackets. We also do not know if we will be offered standing, seating or a combination of ticket types. Please be aware that ticket packages are likely to be quite expensive. In Turin, OGAE ticket package prices for the live shows ranged from €550 to €950 per person. As soon as the details and prices are available, we intend to load these into Membermojo and applicants will then be able to log on and select their preferences. The final arrangements will depend on the options made available.



Unlike in previous years, we will only be drawing the ballots once details of the available ticket packages have been confirmed. We have made this change as we expect thousands of (often speculative) applications and it will be very challenging to run ballots with so many participants. Once ticket prices and numbers are known and people have had a chance to confirm that they are still interested, we will conduct the ballots in an open and transparent manner. It is likely that we will use a physical tombola style process that will be livestreamed, but details will be confirmed nearer the time. The order in which ballot numbers are drawn will be published.



We have no details yet of how or when tickets will need to be purchased, although it is increasingly likely that this will not happen before the new year. We will provide more information as soon as it is available. Similarly, we have no details of how seating arrangements will work, although we will do all we can to ensure that friends/partners can sit together. We envisage contacting successful applicants to confirm their acceptance of a ticket offer. Any member who is offered tickets through the ballot and accepts the offer but then fails to complete their purchase may be barred from future ticket purchases.



At this stage we do not know if there will be any age restrictions applicable to the ESC shows. Even without formal restrictions we would advise against having under-18s in any standing area/fan zone that might be available. We also advise that all under-18s should be accompanies by a parent or guardian. Only adult family members may apply for the ballot. If a family member is successful in the ballot they will be allowed to select an accompanying adult and up to two under-18’s. from their family membership. The under-18s do not need to apply individually for the ballot. Families with young children are reminded that it may be more appropriate to try to buy tickets to the Family Shows on the afternoons immediately preceding the live shows.



Just as with standard tickets, there is no guarantee that special access tickets may be available through OGAE. However, OGAE International always requests wheelchair tickets as part of the ticket negotiations and, in the past, a small number of such places have been made available to the OGAE network. This year we will also be seeking some ambulant disabled tickets, but we have no information yet as to availability and how these would be distributed between clubs. Any member who would like to apply for wheelchair or ambulant disabled tickets should apply for the ballot as normal but should also email, clearly stating ESC ACCESS REQUEST in the subject line, and providing details of their requirements. Please send all such requests before 30 November 2022. Members with any other specific access requirements should contact as soon as possible.


Terms and Conditions

1. The ballots are open to all current members of OGAE UK as of 31 October 2022. All members
wishing to participate must complete an individual application.

2. Members must have renewed their membership for 2023 before applying for the ballot.

3. Members must be in possession of a current OGAE International membership card when entering
the ballot.

4. Honorary members are not permitted to enter the ballot.

5. Any fan tickets offered to OGAE UK by OGAE International will be allocated to applicants in the
order determined by the ballots.

6. OGAE fan tickets shall be offered strictly on a one member, one ticket basis, members cannot buy
fan tickets for other members or non-members.

7. ONE fan ticket package will be reserved for each OGAE UK Committee member regardless of the
ballot. If the Committee member does not accept the package, it will be made available for the

8. OGAE UK cannot guarantee that fan tickets will be made available or that standing or seating
preferences can be met.

9. Any ballot applications received after the end of the application window, and any applications from
members joining after 31 October 2022, will be added to a waiting list and allocated fan tickets in
the order in which the applications were received if and when any tickets are available once the
ballot allocations are completed.

10. Members who belong to more than one branch of OGAE may only apply for fan tickets through one
club – their primary club. Multiple applications will result in disqualification. OGAE International
will check to ensure duplicate applications are not made.

11. Any member who is successful in the ballot and is formally offered fan tickets but then fails to make
the relevant purchase may be disbarred from all OGAE UK ticketing processes for the next two
years. This will be decided on a case-by-case basis by the OGAE UK Committee, and the member
will be notified of any action if any, is to be taken.

12. The host broadcaster and ticket agent shall determine the price and nature of fan tickets offered
through OGAE.

13. OGAE fan tickets or ticket packages may only be used by current OGAE members and cannot be
split or re-sold except as permitted by the organisers.

14. Any member who passes on or sells fan tickets without the prior agreement of OGAE UK may be
disbarred from participating in future OGAE UK ticketing processes and be liable to have their
membership terminated.

15. OGAE UK will not be responsible for e-mails going into spam folders or for e-mails which are
unread. It is the responsibility of applicants to check their e-mail account on a regular basis.

16. It is the responsibility of the individual applicants to keep OGAE UK informed of any changes
relating to telephone numbers and e-mail addresses. Changes should be made on Membermojo.

17. Any member who is likely to be away from home at the time fan ticket requests need to be
finalised must ensure that they can access their e-mail and mobile phone so that any offer and
allocation can be confirmed immediately.

18. Prices and arrangements for the actual purchase of fan tickets by successful applicants are
determined by the organisers and are entirely outside the control of OGAE UK.

19. OGAE UK will not be responsible for any fan tickets that are lost or defaced, cancelled or withdrawn
at any time, or for refusal of admittance to any of the shows by the organisers.

20. OGAE UK will not be responsible for any changes made by the host broadcaster after the issue and
allocation of the fan tickets, up to and including the time of broadcast, or for any obstructed or
restricted viewing in the arena caused by the demands of a live television show.

21. OGAE UK cannot and will not be held responsible for any financial losses incurred by members in
connection with fan tickets under any circumstances, including but not exhaustive of travel,
accommodation, and other related costs.

22. OGAE UK reserves the right to modify or add to these terms and conditions without notice.   Any
such changes will be notified as soon as possible to those members entering the ticket ballots.

23. All personal information provided by members in connection with the ticket ballot will be treated in
accordance with OGAE UK’s data protection policy. Members give their permission for their details
to be shared with the relevant ticket agents as necessary to facilitate purchases.


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