2018 Preview Vote

Now that we know all the 43 competing songs in Eurovision 2018, it’s time for the annual OGAE Preview Vote!

This year, as in 2017, instead of asking for your scores the traditional way of 12, 10, 8 etc, we are asking all members to submit their TOP 11 RANKINGS.

You ARE able to vote for the United Kingdom, but this is for our information only, and any votes for the UK will not be included in our total votes when reported to OGAE International.

Make sure you complete all the relevant personal information or your votes will not count.

Please submit your votes by 11.59pm on Tuesday 17th April. Any votes received after this time will NOT count towards the final total.


Please enter your details below. Only OGAE UK members with a current membership are eligible to vote. All submissions will be checked to ensure they are valid.

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